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‘Mehmood Ali never accepted Bangladesh creation’

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Late Mehmood Ali was a true follower of Quaid-i-Azam and modest politician who spent his whole life in promoting the Two-Nation Theory and serving Pakistan.

Speakers stated this while addressing the 4th death anniversary of the great worker of Pakistan Movement, former president Tehreek-i-Takmeel-i-Pakistan and lifelong federal minister, Mehmood Ali, which was held at his grave in H-8 Graveyard, here on Wednesday.

On the occasion, Secretary Nazria-i-Pakistan Trust, Shazia Rashid, laid a floral wreath at his grave on behalf of Chairman Nazria-i-Pakistan Trust, Majid Nizami.

Addressing on the occasion, Pir Syed Muhammad Kabir Ali Shah has said that the late Mehmood Ali strived hard to protect ideological boundaries of Pakistan throughout his life.

He said that the late Mehmood Ali had never accepted the creation of Bangladesh and had been struggling to make it a part of Pakistan again till his death. He established Tehreek-i-Takmeel-i-Pakistan to merge Bangladesh into Pakistan, Kabir Ali added.

He said, “This great leader had occurred his last words that Kashmir should become a part of Pakistan.”

He said that he had strongly opposed the idea of ‘enlightened moderation’ floated by former president Pervez Musharraf during his regime. He stressed upon the need for providing awareness to the new generation about such great heroes of the Pakistan Movement.

Speaking on the occasion, Col (Retd) Raja Sultan Zahoor has said that the late Mehmood Ali had never accepted the creation of Bangladesh.

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