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Media Role for Earthquake Victims

Pakistan Army the best Army in the world always plays
a leading role whenever natural disaster happening in Pakistan or anywhere in
the country where troops are either deployed or required. On September 25,
2013, an earthquake of 7.7 magnitudes struck the Pakistan western province Baluchistan
and its adjacent areas and toppled many houses into rubble.

In this context, it is interesting to note that
various sections of Pakistani media is propagating / painting the false news in
masses about the relief efforts done by Pak Army. The media is divulging that
relief goods are not reaching in affected areas coupled with the relief
services to the victims of the earthquake by Pak Army.
Above in view, it seems that media is not playing
their foremost role as it should be for the earthquake victims about the relief
work including Pak Army relentless services and efforts to the victims at the time
of natural disasters. Besides this, media is also not exposing Baloch militant
attacks on Army troops who lost their life’s and stood firm against the disaster
with courage and determination driven by the will to serve the nation.
In fact,
forgetting their mainstream responsibilities along with projecting earthquake victim’s
difficulties and Pak Army relief efforts, Pakistani media is focusing and giving
much time to Malala Yousafzai for Nobel Prize in their news headlines, news
details and in program sections. Is Malala Yousafzai is much more important
than earthquake victims? It’s a big question. Wrongdoings must be criticized.

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