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Marc Grossman US special envoy for Pakistan, Afghanistan

Islamabad—A career diplomat Marc Grossman is reported to have been appointed by the US Administration as its envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan , it was reliably learnt here on Tuesday.

According to informed sources, a formal announcement is expected to be announced by the US State Department in a couple of days. He will be replacing late Holbrooke, who had developed close rapport with the top leadership of Pakistan and Afghanistan and played a vital role in bringing peace and prosperity in the region.

According to diplomatic sources, Grossman will be faced with a challenging situation as he will be taking up his assignment at a time when Pakistan and the United States are engaged in a diplomatic row over the detention of a US national Raymond Davis on charges of murdering two Pakistanis and is under.

Washington insists Raymond Davis is a member of its embassy staff who is entitled to diplomatic immunity and has been pressurizing Pakistan to release him. . But Pakistan government’s stand is that the matter is before the Court and let the law take its course. There is also difference of opinion over the issue of diplomatic immunity to Davis whose nature of job is still not clear and it is widely believed that he is a former US Army Special Forces soldier.

Amid growing diplomatic row over the Raymond issue, the US has postponed high level talks with Pakistan that had been due to take place in Washington next week.


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