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Kalat Operation: Countering Anti-State Baloch Elements

Every patriotic Baloch knows that the Kalat search
operation in the Balochistan province of Pakistan is against the foreign funded
and foreign sponsored anti-state outfits like Baloch Liberation Army, United
Baloch Army and Baloch Republican Army. These groups are involved in killing of
innocent and poor Pakistanis in train bomb blasts, destruction of national
assets like gas pipelines, railway lines etc. The aims of these suverisve acts
are to weaken the state, public infrastructure, while coercing the economy to
fulfill external agenda of the US, India and some western powers.
Farrari camps (Hideouts), located in far off mountains
of Balochistan are sanctuaries for these terrorists where they have a lavish
living. Sophisticated equipment’s and gadgets have been
recovered from these areas including non-detectable
satellite phones, solar panels and state of the art weapons. Their defenses are
well-planned and weapon system—sited in a deliberate well-organized manner.
There is clear proof of external hands, because no indigenous movement or group
can afford to have such high-technological weapons and sophisticated gadgets.
In the recent past, bomb blast in Jaffar Express
resulted into killing of the innocent Pakistanis, especially the Baloch and
Pakhtuns, while the poor were travelling in the cheapest mode of conveyance.
The perpetrators were the Baloch sub-nationalists who have lost sense of
morality and human compassion. Foreign secret agencies can easily buy their
loyalties, as they sell themselves for petty gains and readily fulfill the
objectives of their foreign masters. It is notable that India, US and Israel have been
internationalizing the Balochistan issue in accordance with their secret goals.
In this respect, in connivance with the Baloch separatist leaders who have
taken refuge in Switzerland, Sweden, US and London, these external entities use
media, various NGOs and human rights organizations for false propaganda against
Pakistan’s armed forces including other security  agencies in relation to
extrajudicial killings, mutilated bodies and the missing persons. It is because of these reasons that during the missing
persons’ case, nothing was proved in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the
armed forces and other security agencies. There are only a few anti-state
Baloch separatists and Sardars, who are exploiting the situation in their own
In this context, Government of Pakistan and the Army
have sincere desire to address all the issues of the angry Baloch, who are
being misguided by the anti-state outfits. As a result of the general elections
2013, the government led by the nationalist leader Chief Minister Balochistan
Dr Abdul Malik Baloch was established in Balochistan, while on December 7,
2013; local bodies elections were largely held in a peaceful manner in the
province. However, these elections proved that majority of the Baloch are loyal
to the federation, and do not favour separation of the Balachistan, as they
have rejected the case of separatists, being projected by anti-Pakistan powers.
Undoubtedly, the Baloch are patriotic Pakistanis, but
they must not be indoctrinated by the anti-state elements’ propaganda by
becoming reluctant, having reservations over priorities set by the federal and
provincial governments for their benefits. Nonetheless, it is the duty of every
Pakistani, and particulary every Balochi including members of the civil society
and the media persons to give a matching respons to the hostile entities of
Balachistan. In this connection, by countering anti-state Baloch elements, they
must draw a clear picture of the province regarding Kalat operation and other
efforts, made by the civil and military authorities for the benefits of

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