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Ranking of JF 17 Thunder in World – Where Does it Stand?

Pakistan took a great initiative to build its own aircraft in collaboration with China. Some people went on the critic side and other chose to be part of JF 17 fan club. But how does Jf 17 thunder ranks in contrast to other aircrafts?

I will try to cover this question in detail in this article.

I must tell you one thing before we begin, none of the major ranking forums has ranked it among top 10. And obviously it can not be compared with some of the finest aircrafts. It was never meant to beat F22 or any similar aircraft. In fact it was built to be lightweight and to carry out some specified strategies for Pakistan in case if required.


Ranking of Jf 17 Thunder in Comparison with Hal Tejas

Before we move on, I felt need to compare it with Hal Tejas. There is a lot of hype going around about both of aircrafts in contrast to each other.

Hal Tejas can not be compared with Jf 17 thunder in any ways. Indian airforce itself claimed Hal Tejas to be a failed aircraft.  Tejas program was started in early 1980’s , way earlier than Jf 17 thunder.  But still it isn’t found to be fruitful by anyways.

It was aimed to be completed before 1990’s and was programmed to cop up with aircrafts of that era. But unfortunately, India failed to complete whole program in time, resulting in an outdated aircraft launch in the times of much advanced aircrafts.

Rediff has clearly mentioned failure of Hal Tejas here in detail

On the other hand, Jf 17 thunder can easily be classified as a very successful aircraft and comparing it with Tejas would be totally unfair.

Jf-17 is a better aircraft in terms of:

-its modern airframe
-advanced avionics and rapid upgrades
-procurement/service costs
-open architecture

It further has

-Fly-by-wire controls
-true BVR capability
-full glass cockpit
-complex aerial warfare system including strong jamming and EW capability
-4++ gen avionics including AESA
-low per hour cost
-low maintenance
-an all round weapons package including A2A, A2G, A2S weapon systems
-superior flight performance as exhibited in air shows

The Tejas on the other hand supports a 30 year old french-aided mirage-based design that is based on early 4 gen fighters from 1980s. The tejas has fallen abundantly short on timeline. According to Indian Air Force it is “so late that it is obsolete” for induction.

Comparison with other modern aircrafts

Still Jf 17 thunder is failed to replace F 16 or any other modern aircraft.

It can still be classified into some of the high end fighter aircrafts of world and can easily rank among top 20 aircrafts in the world.

One thought on “Ranking of JF 17 Thunder in World – Where Does it Stand?”

  1. Gurdial Singh Manj says:

    Its an pakistani rating who consider junk as piece of master piece , engine is russian, radar is chinese, design chinese copied russian which is discarded by chinese due to under performance whereas tejas is much better but indian democracy allows criticism that why there rumour about tejas.Tejas thrust is more than jf-17
    Body is made of composite material, light weight, aesa radar but indian airforce is looking for much more than present one that why is facing criticism.

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