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It is impossible to seal Pak Afghan border to stop Talibans, US admits.

The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan which Taliban fighters slip across to attack British troops is impossible to seal, a top military commander has revealed.
A U.S. colonel said the 1,600-mile rugged frontier, dotted with mountain passes and treacherous routes, would take ‘an inordinate amount of resources’ to secure.
It is the most frank admission by the U.S. over its inability to control the crucial frontier.

Military chiefs have been concerned about the steady flow of terrorists and arms – including components for deadly roadside bombs – across the lawless border, especially into Helmand and Kandahar provinces in southern Afghanistan, where nearly 10,000 UK troops are based.
The Taliban often pass along little-known routes and back over the border into Pakistan to take injured fighters to hospitals.
Colonel Viet Luong, of the U.S. Army, said Western diplomats should also try to foster greater co-operation from the tribes inside Pakistan who often provide Islamist fighters safe passage across the frontier.
His remarks came as the Ministry of Defence announced that another UK soldier had been killed in the war – the 103rd this year. The bomb disposal expert, who served with 23 Pioneer Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps, was clearing a road with the Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Task Force in Lashkar Gah when he was caught in a blast on Tuesday.
He was the 348th British serviceman or woman to die in the conflict since it began in 2001. His family have been informed.

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