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ISI – A Big Failure ? Or a Symbol of Success.

Pakistan’s Intelligence agency, failed to safeguard Pakistan’s interests?


The Inter-Services-Intelligence is responsible for the defence-related intelligence operations and data capturing, for Pakistan’s military forces. The threats include both external as well as internal elements. ISI which is famously known as a sponsor of terrorism, promoting it in Pakistan itself, Afghanistan, India and other parts of the world including major countries like USA and UK. However, these allegations have been labeled as baseless and lashed back by the authorities. Whenever demanded for any backing to the statements, there has been a silent reply.

The first to accuse ISI was International media and foreign Intelligence agencies. I would however, not name any in my report. This was followed by Indian media catching up and blaming every minor incident on ISI, including camels and pigeons crossing the border. In disgrace however, rather countering these statements, Pakistani media sought no less than an opportunity for promotion in Pakistan as well as International community – for this topic was well famous and anyone who went against the streak would have lost creditability. This shameful behavior of Pakistan’s own media outlets, printed, visual and online, has hidden the bigger picture from Pakistani citizens, changing the attitude and behavior towards the ISI by public. Media is a strong and powerful element, especially in this century, forcing everyone to believe in what it says. Improper use can be extremely hazardous. Here is an example on how it works:

All thanks to media, the truth you know is in the following picture:

Question: Why would the world want to show ISI as an ‘terrorist organization’, even within the Pakistani citizens?

ISI has been professional and strong, countering every threat from other Intelligence agencies and gathering Indian intelligence with great efficiency and success rate, using unique and one-of-it’s kind tactics. Despite the repeated attempted, all direct attacks on ISI by multiple different agencies have done nothing good for them.With ISI gone, Pakistan is open to any attack from any direction, military less powerful and clueless on what to do. This forced the ‘enemy’ to opt for plan B and engage ISI indirectly, targeting ISI’s biggest motive, Pakistani nation. 

Why? Here is a hint. This is extract from my earlier short analysis, made right after South Sudan came into existence. 

Want to break any nation?Want it make any country break to pieces?Want to destabilize an entire Nation which may never stand again?Yes you can do it now in just 5 simple steps!

1) Buy several political parties, hiring speakers to target ethnical weakness and complexions of people.2) Create a gap between Army and citizens.3) Work under the covers; engage other political parties to create chaos (as in reference to Karachi’s situation). 4) Create huge, baseless misunderstandings in the people’s hearts, based on ethnical complexions using stage 1.5) Watch the once united country break.
Declaration of details:
1) Buy several political parties, hiring speakers to target ethnical weakness and complexions of people. With many groups and personal choices of people, they would rather stand by people sharing the same opinions than others, like earlier. These party men would pamper their followers with sugar-coated words, bring them into an illusion that they are being left out and they deserve more. This would create hatred. Best example that comes in my mind: Leader of Party X who says that ‘Oh look! We are being left behind, the Punjabis hate us and they run the government excusing out people from power! We pay the tax and the money goes to the Punjabis! This is not going to be tolerated!’ 
Willingly or unwillingly, people fall in such plots and tend to have hatred for other sects and ethnical background. 

2) Create a gap between Army and citizens.
After you create a gap between people and Army, there would soon be anti-Army riots and protests. People would go against the decisions taken by Army, coming out on roads and well, you get the picture. The Army, reluctant to do anything, steps-in to cool thing down, using force if requires. This would add fuel to the fire, and we can take the initial days of Hosni Mubarak being overthrown in Egypt as an example of this. Both sides would be outraged and envy other, resulting, army less willing to do more. In case of terrorist attack and hostage situation, Special Services would rather ask police to go with their Elite team than risk their lives for people who hate them and are ungrateful.
3) Work under the covers; engage other political parties to create chaos (as in reference to Karachi’s situation). 
Working hidden, example again would be best suitable from Karachi’s situation, would result in gang wars which we have seen many. With a complex situation, this could result in ultimate doom. For example, a person from Party A kills 4 members of Party X when the situation of Party X and Party Y were in hot waters. Guess who the blame goes to? As avenge, 8 members of Party Y would be killed by members of Party X and retaliation continues. This would even ignite armed fights between supporters or these parties. 
4) Create huge, baseless misunderstandings in the people’s hearts, based on ethnical complexions using stage 1.
After things mentioned above happen, this step is same like last one. Example, I was told that Shia sect commit shirk and claim that Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.S) wasn’t the last Prophet but Ali (A.S) was saying Prophet-hood was accidently revealed to Mohammed (S.A.W.S). On my inquiry with close Shia friends, they opposed it saying it’s completely biased and baseless, made to spread hatred. Such misunderstandings would make situations worse and the people would want to break away from others, and be ‘independent’. 
5) Watch the once united country break.
This is the fun part! Get some popcorn, sit back on your couch and watch how ruthless ‘revolution’ sparks with well over 150 sects each fighting other. Brotherhood named word would no longer exist. Congratulations! You just saved Billions of dollars, the lives of your men, military hardware and think tank’s efforts! The country you wished to destroy, chose destruction herself without your army interfering in it’s matters!

Back to topic, this is the actual mission for international media and intelligence agencies to spread false propaganda against ISI. But I don’t get it, what is the excuse for the immature, one-sided Pakistani media? Attention seekers or trend followers? 

Question: If ISI is successful in it’s missions and objectives, why does it not publish reports and making them open for civilians?

The field of intelligence does not work in this way. Only a poor agency would publish their success, their findings, their missions etc. These reports would be used by ‘enemy’ intelligence and they would hence, find a loophole just from reports and understand the nature of counter. The best agencies never disclose anything about the operations, making people into believe no such operations have occurred which were however accomplished by the agency!

Question: If ISI is successful, why would there be unrest in Balochistan and KPK?

‘For every 2 attacks, we foil 8 others – ISI’

This speaks a lot. The backbones of TTP and BLA have been broken, and they can now no longer survive for too long and eventually all of it would be wiped out, thanks to input from ISI and hard work of FC, military, para-military and militia all working under ISI.

The situation of Balochistan and locals asking for ‘Freedom’ or ‘Liberation’ is only presented on the Internet especially on Indian blogs and facebook. The ground realities are however quite different. I know many people with background from Balochistan living in other parts of Pakistan (and world) who don’t share same feelings. Actually I never ever came across a ‘real Baloch’ who is asking for ‘liberation’.

This doesn’t prove that there are no liberation feelings. A few men have fallen into the trap and hopefully would recover. The most attention-seekers are just three tribes (with most power in the region) and using terrorism as their tool having foreign sponsors. However terrorism is not an option as they could use better means of communication, hence I fully support a military operation against these miscreants who have been a headache for FC, Pakistani citizens in the region and Pakistan in international community.

(More information on the tribes: These tribes have been the leaders of Balochistan for centuries and wish for their failing empire to go on. These corrupt, power-hungry bulldogs have nothing better to do than terrorize the people to keep them under their power.)

You can find more on Balochistan here: Countering Media’s Propaganda Campaign against Balochistan .

And if anyone wishes for proof of ISI’s work against terrorism, view these threads:
ISI arrests Senior Al-Qaeda Leaders from Quetta
Pakistan foil major terrorist attack all over Pakistan on Eid.
Pakistani Forces against Militants.

A part of ISI is dedicated to counter-terrorism measures. This is namely ‘Anti-Insurgency Department’. Being an Military Intelligence agency, this matter should not be covered by ISI. Actually is the responsibility of civilian security forces and intelligence. However, be grateful, knowing the civilian cannot tackle themselves, ISI decided to diversify and add more objectives to their responsibilities. What force? Why divide the limited funding into this matter? Just for the security of Pakistan and Pakistani residents… including you… who rather end up in shame and disgrace speaking against the work of ISI!

Question: If ISI is yet so powerful, why did it fail in Raymond Davis’s case?

Well, I counter this question by asking ‘Who said Raymond Davis’s case was a failure?’. I am not sure if this is true or not, but my intelligence says that Raymond Davis was being tracked and followed, by ISI. After he was caught, this is supposed to be considered as an big achievement. During the investigations, he mentioned all the working of CIA in Pakistan, his fellow agents and his tasks. ISI’s S-Wing had carried about operations and rounded up dozens of agents of non-Pakistani nationality, who have been sent back. No media took enough care to feature this.

Question: How would you defend the ISI kidnapping and killing innocent civilians?

If you are talking about the ‘missing person’ case, I’ve got the perfect reply. Imagine how it is like, after hard work by Pakistani forces and ISI in the operations against militancy, the commanders who have been arrested by military forces got good lawyers and hence they were given bail by the Anti-Terrorism-Court. I mean what the hell? You caught a person fighting you and probably killing your comrade in the battle field, and the same person is declared innocent due to a good defense lawyer? Do you expect the anti-insurgency to sit idol and do nothing about it? These commanders used to go back and fighting more fiercely, with the experience in previous battle, knowing the tactics used by Pakistan Army.

The ‘missing person’ are actually terrorists caught in the line of fire, and set free by court to practise militancy. What else would you expect the Army to do? 

This article is written by Last Hope a Pakistan Defence Forum think tank

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