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Is world moving towards WW3 ( World War 3 ) ?

Currently, we can see tensions all around the globe. We hear the news of US striking to Pakistan, India striking to China or Israel striking to Iran.

No doubt, if these are not just rumors then there is going to be WW3. WW3 might not destroy the world but can bring a great change to economy of world and might cause complete destruction of any country.

Take a look at the following articles.

These articles are depicting the war between.

1. Pakistan Vs America
2. China Vs India
3. Israel Vs Iran

It doesn’t mean if they started the war, the will fight against only one country but may form groups like following.

Group 1: Pakistan, China, Iran
Group 2: Israel, India, America

Many other countries might also join any of these groups.

Is Really WW3 going to start?

Not sure, but at least these fact and figure show that there might be.

What Would be Impact?

There could be a big impact of WW3 in world. As I have already told it might cause destruction of many countries. But it may also cause division of any big state.

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