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Is US ( American ) Army better than Pakistan Army? ( Pakistan Army Vs American Army )

No one knows the exact power of a country’s army. Also you can not tell who will win if a war started b/w Pakistan Army and American Army. But we can compare power of both countries on the basis of equipment and manpower.

On basis of Global Fire Power Ranking

According to Global Firepower website

American Army is ranked no 1 while Pakistan Army is not in top 10 armies of the world. But we can not consider this ranking as perfect because this is opinion of just global firepower website. I also beleive their rankings are wrong in much ways.

On basis of ranks given by many blogs and also Pakistan Defence Blog

According to many blogs

American Army is no 1 Army of the world
Pakistan Army is no 9 Army of world

on basis of manpower and equipment.

On basis of budget

On basis of budget no doubt US Army is ranked much higher than Pakistan Army

On basis of recent Cambrian Petrols

On this basis of recent petrols Pakistan Army is ranked much higher as compared to American Army. In this petrol Pakistan army was excelent army on almost all basis while american army was not near it. In this show Pakistan Army won gold medal by geting first position.

My personal opinion

My personal opinion also says American Army is much stronger as compared to Pakistan Army in equipment and manpower.

“The human factor will decide the fate of war, of all wars. Not the Mirage, nor any other plane, and not the screwdriver, or the wrench or radar or missiles or all the newest technology and electronic innovations. Men—and not just men of action, but men of thought. Men for whom the expression ‘By ruses shall ye make war’ is a philosophy of life, not just the object of lip service.” IDF-AF commander Ezer Weizman:On Eagles’ Wings

I am also agree with this quotation. Actually I want to say again no one knows who will win a war against each other.

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