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Is Pakistan having smallest nuclear ( Atomic ) bomb of the world?

Certainly, Pakistan must have built many secret defence projects. But what about a very small nuclear bomb? According to some sources Pakistan have created smallest nuclear bomb of the world many years back. This nuclear bomb is a real threat to her enemy.

A small Urdu piece on this topic published at local newspaper of Pakistan.

Take a look at another news published a few time earlier. ( Edited Version )


Pervez Musharraf told American officials what we have made, Diplomatic source

Islamabad (Ansar Abbasi)In Pakistani nuclear program a big step forward
have been taken and world’s smallest tactical atomic weapon have been
made. According to foreign ambassador Ex dictator Pervez Musharraf
thought its good to tell American officials in a conference that what Pakistan has and how Pakistani atomic scientists have made the defence
of the country secured. Diplomatic source said that new Delhi knows what Pakistan have made and they know that this thing have no examples.
Indians got this information from Americans and source said that Musharraf willingly gave this information to Americans so that they will
not try any misadventure like Iraq or Afghanistan with Pakistan.
Pakistan didn’t signed NPT nor CTBT but they have singularly decided
that they will use their nuclear program as deterrence against any
country’s aggression. After the propaganda of all type against Pakistani
nuclear program by western capitals especially Washington Pakistan have
also developed a reliable and foolproof command and control system for
its atomic program. American officials admitted the structure and
security system of Pakistani nuclear weapons. A think tank in Washington
said that Pakistan have increased its plutonium producing capability.
Website also said that in 2009 the number of atomic bombs in Pakistan
was round about 200 but they also agreed on a point that it is difficult
for the experts also to estimate the actual amount. Because Pakistan’s
nuclear program is in strict security. Pakistan’s nuclear program was
started in the reign of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and its experiment was done
in the reign of Nawaz Sharif on 28 may 1998.


There is still not too much info about this nuclear bomb but for sure this bomb is going to get a big edge to Pakistan Defence.

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