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Iran test-fires supersonic missile

Tehran: Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards test-fired a supersonic ballistic surface-to-sea missile on Monday. The missile, called Persian Gulf, is capable of hitting warships and targets within a 300-kilometre range and has a warhead with 650 kilogram of explosives.

Chief Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Jafari, told state TV on Monday that the missile, called “Persian Gulf”, was a guided radar-evading missile, capable of hitting any target without being intercepted by anti-missile systems.

Iranian state TV also announced that Iran had begun the mass production of smart ballistic missiles capable of destroying naval targets.

Press TV quoted General Jafari claiming the missiles were supersonic with a speed three times that of sound, immune to interception, featuring high precision systems.

Although Iran is not engaged in any military conflict currently, it is on constant alert against possible attacks from the United States and Israel which have not ruled out possible pre-emptive strikes to stop Tehran from getting nuclear weapons.

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