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Interview : Sex related questions in ISSB – Sibtain Afzaal

Candidates who go for issb have to face strange situation when they are asked sex related questions during interview.
Candidates get confused as what to answer to such questions. Time and again they are told to be natural and normal but this situation creates problem as they usually dont discuss or are encountered with such questions especially when the interview decides if you get the job or not stress level increases greatly.

Here are a few tips in this regard.

1. If asked have you seen bp(blue print movie)

These days indian movies have so many partially nude scenes that its seems a lie to say that you dont know anything about it. You may say that you have never seen such a movie if you really havent but you can say that you know whats in it.

2.question regarding girlfriend or boy friend.

It depends on your back ground. If you have been in co education then naturally you must have had interaction with opposite gender. But you can say that they are just friends like anyother classfellow. Others well try to show naturally that its not the case.if he insists you can say that you like some cousin or anyone but you know that you should have a career and work hard for it to be eligible to send formal proposal. It will give a more mature and responsible image.

In short you should know that these questions are not to explore your personal but to know if you are being true to them or have a fake image. Or the candidate has pre prepared answers. Try not to hesitate and give awkward gestures. Dont be too open giving a negative impression.

Here are some other questions frequently asked.

Did you ever had sex?

The answer is obviously NO.

If you are with the girl you love alone, what will you do with her?
(Try to answer this question by your self, try to think over it, use your mind and come up with an answer and post here).

Remember as i said earlier, these questions are just to check if you tell the truth. This topic is also dealt in the story writing and sentence completion tests where questions like “Larki ke tangain ………………” What ever a person will write in these sentences will tell about his/her thinking and personality. Interviewer will ask sex related questions to confirm if that candidate gives the same kind of answer during interview or hides his true self by answering a safe question. In other words he writes some vulgar answer in sentence completion and acts like a pious molvi in interview. This contradiction would prove that the candidate is not being honest with the interviewer.

What you need to do is make a clear mindset. Think about it and work on it as what stance you will adopt for such questions in all types of tests and then stick to it. You should have a persistent attitude and set of answers for these sort of questions.

Don’t be shy. Be bold. Interestingly sometimes such questions are not asked from many candidates altogether, and some are given real tough time. The reason is same “Contradiction” in their previous test answers.

Although its not hard and fast rule, but it is a myth that usually candidates who go to Kohat are asked such questions more frequently then those who go to Gujerawala. But i say better be prepared then sorry.

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