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Interview Questions in ISSB ( Part 1 ) – Sibtain Afzaal

Often candidates are asked a simple question during interview,
“why do you want to join army/navy/airforce?”

Guys always get confused and give silly replies like

“Sir: To serve my nation”
“I have a passion to join armed forces..”

Although these answers might be your true motives for joining the armed forces and are very noble, but these answers are not appropriate when it comes to ISSB. You have to give a bit more mature and logical answer. Because these questions can result in counter questions like you can serve the nation many other ways…… or you have good marks you can become an engineer and serve the nation…etc

The rule of all the answers should be “give clear and complete answers which would satisfy all his queries.”

Here are some of the answers which would be more appropriate:

•Sir, its a good career, with a lot of grace, it can give me great opportunities to rise in ranks based on my abilities, it is a respectable profession,

•Sir, its a dynamic job with lots of field work, not a desk job where you spend rest of your other words its an exciting job,which which would polish my abilities and help me learn alot.

My answer was

•”Sir i read a book about Airforce “pak fizaya ke dastan e shujaat” which had the compete story of the Halwara Mission of Sarfarz Rafique Shaeed, he is my inspiration for whom i am joining air force.”

(Note: These examples are just to give you an idea, its highly discouraged that you use them as they are, as your answers, try to think of your answers in the same lines as these…Be original)

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    guide me for issb test

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