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Innocents Killing in Burma , Some Facts.

Burma is a country with extreme population of Buddhist and a 4% minority of Muslims. According to Burma’s law, killing of an ant is same as killing of human. Burma’s government claim that all religions are equal in the country.

Muslims came to Burma in about 9th century, in Burma’s Ayeyarwady River delta. Many of Burma’s living Muslims, living in Burma for more than 100 years are not even declared citizens of Burma. They have no rights as the normal civilians have. Many of Burma’s people are moving out from Burma to Malaysia, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries.

But now, Burma’s Muslims are treated in more inhuman manner. Thousands of Burma’s people are being killed by officials of Burma. Round about 30,000 Muslims are killed in Burma in just previous two months without any reason.

But who is killing them? Burma’s terrorists or local extremists? If you are thinking one of these, then you are right but another power is also involved. It is the government of Burma being involved in killings of Burma’s innocent Muslims. Official military personnel and agencies are involved in killing of Burma’s Muslims.

Human rights organizations and UN is reported to be moved out from Burma. No journalists are allowed to do their jobs freely. The super powers are silent, might be unaware, because it is the killing of Muslims not of any other religion.

Pakistan’s role is not so good in this issue. No official of Pakistan is even condemning on this sad incident. The only Muslim atomic power is silent as it is sleeping. Some of media reporters are starting programs on this issue but most of them does not. Pakistani people are talking about Gillani’s son, about some movie celebrities, about some Ramadan aftar foods but no one cares about the Burma’s Muslims.

Iran, as expected is only big Muslim power to condemn on this issue. Iran’s government is giving statements on Burma’s Muslims killings as well as some famous personalities. Their citizens are also  taking part in such discussion.

Bangladesh is also proving to be the true companion of Burma’s government being as neighbor. If some Burma’s Muslim reach Bangladesh border survived, he is forced to go back to Burma to be killed.

This was just a basic intro of killings in Burma. I am sure you know what super powers and Islamic bomb owner should do at such bad incident. Please spread this article so every person must be knowing about such cruel Persecution of Muslims in Burma.

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