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Induction of young Balochs in Pak Army

IT was really a fascinating scene to watch on Tuesday when thousands of
young Balochs participated in a thrilling passing out parade at the EME
Centre at Quetta marking their regular formal induction into Pakistan
Army after their normal training. The spirited and motivated youths from
the province pledged allegiance to the country and saluted national
flag, which was a reassuring development in the backdrop of intensive
propaganda campaign launched by some quarters.

The induction of
five thousand young boys from the province into Pakistan Army is one of
the numerous initiatives by the army leadership to bring about a
positive change in Balochistan where youth are being misled by some
elements. In August 2011, Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
inaugurated a mineral development project in Musakhel area of
Balochistan on the demand of local people to exploit coal and marble
deposits for development of the area. On that occasion he had reassured
people of Balochistan that the army had no eyes on resources of the
provinces and only wanted to exploit them for development of the
province and welfare of its people. Similarly, the army has opened
several cadet colleges and other formal educational institutions in
different areas, which would surely go a long way in bringing about a
silent revolution in the province. We believe that this is the way
forward and not reliance on use of force or operations to resolve
political issues. Surgical operations can be short-lived while
initiation of developmental activities, establishment of educational and
health facilities and creation of infrastructure would help change
complexion of different areas on long-term basis. It is important to
provide job opportunities to young people so that their energies are
utilized for healthy activities. While the army is doing its job, it is
also imperative that the government and politicians too realize their
responsibility and contribute towards mainstreaming of Balochs by
addressing their sense of deprivation through a combination of measures
including promotion of the culture of tolerance and accommodation.
Initiatives like Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan and devolution of powers
to the provinces are laudable but their impact must be felt at the

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