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India’s direct and indirect support to Tamil tigers. India’s Involvement.

India’s funding of the Tamil liberation movement – 1980s

India became involved in the Civil War during the early 1980s when the Indian government supplied arms and funding to both the LTTE and its rival terrorist organisation, the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation, or TELO. It is thought that through arming both independence parties the Rajiv Ghandi’s government sought to follow a ‘divide and rule’ strategy. Exerting control over the independence movement stood to gain India influence in Sri Lanka while quelling the calls of Tamils in India for a similar independent state.

Direct involvement – June, 1987

On June 5th 1987 India stepped into a more active role. Jaffna, the capital of the Tamil-majority North province, was under siege by the Sri Lankan forces. There were claims that the government were on the verge of defeating the LTTE. In a direct move to help the rebels, the Indian Air Force dropped aid parcels into Jaffna weighing 25 tons in total.

Situation Today

India remains an outside observer of the ongoing Civil War, with frequent calls from parliament members of the Tamil Nadu state for renewed Indian involvement, and especially for the extradition of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Refrence: India in Sri Lankan War: History of India’s Involvement with Tamil Tigers

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