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Indian major General accept Pakistan Army is professional


Nov 1 (APP): Indiaian Major General (retd) Jatinder Singh said
Pakistan’s decision to return an Indian helicopter vindicated his view
that its army is a professional institution. In a letter published in
“The Hindu”, General Sharma said Pakistan allowed an Indian helicopter
with four army personnel to return home five hours after the aircraft
was forced to land in Skardu for violating Pakistani airspace.“This
action vindicates my long held view that the Pakistan army is a
professional institution, not a rogue army as some sections of the
media, service colleagues, and politicians would like to suggest,” he

He said,
“Even if Pakistan had shot down the helicopter and shown it as a crash,
thereby making us incur a loss of trained men and an expensive machine,
we would not have been able to ascertain the truth, considering the
sparsely populated terrain of Skardu.”

He said the terrain precludes the use of radars for monitoring and charting the flight path from India’s side of the border.

The incident speaks volumes for the speed in decision-making,
communications set-up and the maturity of the Pakistani army hierarchy,
Jatinder Singh added.


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