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Indian drama on Line of Control

India has produced another award winning drama
in the past month. Drama was titled as “LoC killings: Pakistani soldiers joined
with militants to attack India”. According to the script cast were as follow:
hero role was played by Indian Military, villain character was carried out by
Pakistan Army as usual, supporting role was performed by Indian Media (Oscar
winning) and heroin was the famous RAW. Drama was so interesting that extras,
Afghanistan and USA also had the central characters. However drama was a good
art work with obvious use of propaganda but was not best selling manuscript.
Nevertheless India produced it and launched it to accomplish various objectives.

In reality it was India who
initiated the attacks. Soon after an air space violation by India, which PAF
pushed back forcefully, the Indian media had come up with such a story of an
attack on its military post on the LoC (Line of Control) in Jammu sector.
Indian media anchors literally shouted in live programmes on Pakistani analysts
to stamp their arguments. I was stunned with such accusation by Indian anchors
those who never accustomed with a journalist’s norms. Currently Pakistan has
its own internal issues to deal with and has no room in its plate to confront
abroad. Therefore, such an attack by Pakistan Army is out of question; as it
can only offer a chance for the international media and diplomatic circles to
wage malicious propaganda against Pakistan.

There is a prospect of Indian
violation of ceasefire that Congress leaders want to use anti Pakistan
sentiment as a slogan for the upcoming election campaign to attract voters. This Indian intension is
obvious through the reaction given by BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) on LoC
violations. Opposition leader Yashwant Sihna moved a privilege motion against
the Indian defence minister condemning him of misleading the nation over the
conflicting statements issued on the killing of Indian soldiers at LoC. Poll
panel chief of India’s BJP while addressing a mega rally in Hyderabad had
accused the Congress of being only interested in vote-bank politics on LoC

This LoC violation done by
Indian troops may also be aimed at serving India’s interests related to
Afghanistan situation. Pakistan and USA are already cooperating in arranging
peace talks to seek a peace agreement in Afghanistan. In this scenario, India
sees its role in Afghanistan to be diminishing. There are deliberate efforts
manifested by Indian scholars to relate attack on Indian consulate in Jalalabad
and LoC controversy. Therefore it comes into view that India has shaped
pressure across the LoC to draw world attention regarding its significance for
keeping peace in South Asia and that it should also be assigned some major role
in Afghanistan.

The foremost purpose of Indian
incursion was to divert the world’s attention from the human rights atrocities
that are taking place within Indian occupied Kashmir. The recent events of the
Ramban massacre and agitation in different parts of Kashmir highlighted the
Kashmir cause once again with full throttle. The Kashmir case will be dropped
off behind in such a hype of the LoC incident. By charging Pakistan on LoC
issue will serve India’s propaganda objective of blaming Pakistan as a state
sponsoring terrorism and that Pakistan is still pushing fighters across LoC in

Whatever the objectives behind
this self created Indian drama, they are not getting the desire results. I hope
once again a man with conscience will emerge and expose these fake accusations
of Indian media about Pakistan Army. There are many personalities in India who
are against Indian false flag operations against Pakistan, for instance Satish
Verma who disclosed that Indian government orchestrated terror attack on the
Indian parliament and the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai.

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