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Indian army opens fire in Bajwat sector :: Challenging Pakistan ?

SIALKOT (INP): Indian troops on Tuesday opened unprovoked fire in two different areas of Bajwat sector of Sialkot, however, Pakistan Ranger in retaliatory fire silenced Indian guns. According to the security sources, Indian troops attempted to target Pakistani posts Shahjahan and Noor Zaman in Bajwat sector, Sialkot, but Chanab Ranger opened fire in retaliation and stopped the shooting string of Indian troops. Indian army used rocket launchers, mortar shells and rifles in this attack, an official of Pakistan Army said. Panic spread in the villages of border region after the incident.
On one side Indians are talking about peace and on the other side they are going for a war. This maybe an open challenge to Pakistan Army and defence forces and Indians must to get answer of that.

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