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Indian Army General Caught in Phone Tapping of Indian Defense Ministery

New Delhi, Mar 5, 2012(PTI): Indian Defense Ministry has launched a probe into a complaint which claimed that the Army chief had deployed interceptors for clandestinely listening to important phone conversations. An anonymous detailed complaint in a letter received by the Defense Ministry early last week lists several allegations with proofs against the Army chief, including possible misuse of off-the-air interceptors to listen in on phone conversations in the national capital. After receiving the letter, the Ministry is emphatically infuriated regarding this heinous act of Indian Army Chief and launched a probe to cross check all the allegations. The letter was received in an envelope which has an address on it and that is also being verified, they said. On the contrary, Gen Singh dismissed it as “fiction” but was unable to give any clarification in front of media which clearly depicts the evil intension of Indian General. The unsigned letter lists several allegations against the Army Chief including the possible misuse of off-the-air interceptors to listen into phone conversations in Delhi between key people to track developments in the Government on his age row case in the Supreme Court. Such actions from Indian Army General clearly show that VK Singh is exasperated about his age controversy and were planning for a reprisal against the defense ministry by tapping their phone calls to get any clue against possible controversies going on in defense ministry. VK Singh’s age controversy has already trickled down the moral of Indian Army which is exacerbated due to this phone tapping issue.

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