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India Violates Ceasefire at Line of Control

attitude of revulsion towards Pakistan knows no bounds as its political
leaders, military commanders, academia, and media, spare no chance of Pakistan
bashing. India is making noise with
the assistance of its media to accelerate its venomous propaganda so as to show
to the world that Pak Army is involved in violations along the Line of Control
(LOC). Pakistan’s efforts of pursuing peace have been spurned by Indian
leadership using various self-created incidents as excuse for scuttling the
reconciliation process.

army continued firing along the Pakistani border, violating the ceasefire
agreement between both countries. Such antagonistic behavior
leaves no option for Pakistan but to construe that India is not sincere in
endorsing Pak-India peace process. Using the plea of plugging gaps along the
Line of Control (LoC), separating Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and Azad Jammu
Kashmir (AJK), India had erected a barbed wire topped electric fence, patrolled
by ferocious dogs and soldiers, besides mining the area; yet it continues
blaming Pakistan for launching terrorists across the LoC.
Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chaudhry Abdul
Majeed urged the United Nations and International community to take notice of
violations by Indian troops on Line of Control (LoC). “Indian border security
forces repeated as well as wanton violations of LoC ceasefire agreement were
tantamount to triggering a war in the region”.
Times of November 23, 2013 reveals that Indian authorities are planning to
construct a 10-meter high embankment along 198-km stretch of LOC. The purpose
is to deter much propagated cross border intrusions into IOK. Apparently, such
a decision runs contrary to all norms of justice and fair play, exposing
India’s real visage of hatemongering.

Indian aspirations of becoming an economic giant cannot be achieved
through messages of animosity. It needs to appreciate that economic progress in
the region will only be possible if confidence and trust of Pakistan is
enabled. This can be achieved through winning hearts and minds of people, which
call for building bridges and not “Great Wall”

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