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Indian is weak nuclear power as compared to Pakistan and China – International Org

The most authoritative non-governmental assessment of world nuclear forces has revealed that India’s nuclear capabilities are seriously lagging behind those of its putative adversaries, Pakistan and China. The evaluation by Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists called “Indian nuclear forces, 2012”, reveals that for New Delhi, the principal means of weapons delivery remains fixed-wing aircraft like the Mirage-2000 and the Jaguar.

Source: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.
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Unlike Pakistan and China which have substantial deployed missile arsenals, India’s missile force is lagging, despite the test-launch of the Agni V in 2012. As the Bulletin notes, “the Agni I and Agni II , despite being declared operational, both have reliability issues that have delayed their full operational service”.

The other missiles in the Agni series – the Agni III, IV and V – all remain under development. Indeed, the report notes that “the bulk of the Indian ballistic missile force is comprised of three versions of Prithvi missiles, but only one of these versions, the army’s Prithvi I, has a nuclear role”.

Considering that the lumbering Prithvi I requires hours to get ready for launch and has a range of just 150 km, it indicates that the Indian nuclear weapons capability is short-legged indeed.

Admiral Arun Prakash, former navy chief and chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee, has view.”We have to rely on the word of our DRDO/DAE scientists as far as performance, reliability, accuracy and yield of missiles and nuclear warheads are concerned. Unfortunately, hyperbolic claims coupled with dissonance within the ranks of our scientists have eroded their credibility,” he said.

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