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Iftikhar Chaudhry and His Motives

To hide his failure to
convict a single terrorists and wrapping up a single case in 5 years, CJP is
hyping missing persons on his departure. CJP raised missing persons issue at
this time, when he is retiring. Need to understand actual motives behind it. CJP
SC has much pain for 35 missing persons of Balochistan but does not feel any
pain for 50,000 people martyred in terrorists blasts TTP.
His agenda seems ostensibly
personal, primary cases taken up by the Honorable Chief Justice orbit the top
level politicians and law and enforcement agencies, neglecting the most important
issues jolting Pakistan. Self-praising has been evident in most of his
statements, when he refers to his decisions against Former Prime Ministers of
Pakistan, and when he brings humor to his speech mentioning his role in crushing
the image of our army, police, and various other govt organizations, dragging and
bragging about the missing persons case and neglecting the actual issues we
face in this day, all he intends to achieve is to malign the sanctity vested in
the govt institutions, let they be ministries or ministers, Parties or party
members, Offices or Office Holders, Accountability Institutions, Directorates
or the Directors; all he and his Supreme Court is up against are the sacred Government
Institutions and High Level Officials. All that one asks is, what are his
intents, does he not have the sanity to understand a simple logic that, if he defames
or drags the ‘Persons in Charge” he is not only defaming an individual but also
the state institution he heads.
CJP, your courts release terrorists. You have no guts to condemn BLA terrorists but quick to humiliate the ones miraculously defending the territories and cleaning up the mess our politicians have piled up in ages, leaving Pakistan wounded and weak. What has CJP done to ask govt to improve ability to try BLA / TTP terrorists? Brave Pakistani security officials capture terrorists who kill Pakistanis on foreign agenda but the courts of CJP set them free. 
Why soldiers fighting
BLA /TTP in the field being humiliated. Can someone take the honorable CJP to
the RSS & Hindu Fanatic training camps where BLA terrorists are being
trained and indoctorined

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