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How to Join PAF as Pilot?

General Duties (Pilot)

Nationality: Male Citizens of Pakistan

Age limit:

FSc Course: PC 16-22 years
Graduate Course: SSC 18-30 years

Rank: Pilot Officer

Training Period: Three years training at PAF Academy, Risalpur as an Aviation Cadet.

Marital Status: Unmarried for F.Sc Course and unmarried/married for Graduate Courses.


FSc Course: (Pre-Medical /Pre-Engg /Computer Sciences)

Graduate Course: (B.Sc)


Twice rejected by Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) /General Head Quarters (GHQ) Selection Board.
Twice screened out by ISSB/GHQ Selection Board.
Once rejected by ISSB and once rejected by GHQ Selection Board (ISSB)
and GHQ Selection Board will be considered at par for eligibility
purpose. Absent from any service Selection Board will be treated as
Twice rejected by ISSB or any service Selection Board for specific higher qualification courses.
Permanently declared unfit by Armed Forces Appeal Medical Board (AFAMB)
for commissioning in PAF/Army/Navy (Candidates declared unfit by Central
Medical Board (CMB)/Combined Military Hospital (CMH) will remain
ineligible until they are declared fit by AFAMB.
If dismissed / removed / debarred from any Government Service including Armed Forces.
If withdrawn/rejected from any service training institution for the
reason of maladjustment/disciplinary ground/medical
unfitness/resignation/purchase of release/character qualities. However,
candidates withdrawn due to poor performance in academic or lack of
flying aptitude are eligible to apply for Branch other than one they
were withdrawn from.
If convicted by a court of law for any offence.
If their original Academic Certificates are found tampered with.
If they have concealed any information or have provided incorrect
information at the time of filling in their application forms.

Selection Procedure:

Intelligence tests/Academic tests in Physics & English of F.Sc level.
Interview and Preliminary Medical examination at PAF Information and Selection centres.
Tests by ISSB and medical examination by Central Medical Board PAF Masroor Karachi followed by Flying Aptitude Test.
Final selection in order of merit by Air Headquarters

Application form for PAF GDP

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