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How Pakistan won Indo Pak war of 1965 ?

Some Pakistani pilots near F 86 Sabre Aircraft

 It’s common in Indians that they declare victory of India in Indo-Pak war of 1965. I don’t know how they could think like that. They refer english writers and delcare it as won of India.
India started the war with an objective to capture Pakistan. They entered in Pakistan and successfully captured much of the area of Pakistan. War continued constantly. At last Indian felt that Pakistan may capture more area of India  so India went to the United Nations, pleading for their intervention and help thus avoiding greater loss. Ultimately, it ended in a United Nations mandated ceasefire. This resulted in the Indian Government RE-inhabiting the city of Delhi (The Capital of India) which it had evacuated because of the rapidly increasing occupation of Western Punjab by the Pakistani Army. It clearifies that India’s objective was to capture Pakistan and Pakistan was a defender. Pakistan defended successfully but India failed to complete her objective. So it is clear Pakistan won the war of 1965 with no doubt at all.

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