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High Ranked Russian Officials Does not beleive in Iran Missile Threat

Iranian missiles cannot pose a threat to Europe, said Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

“Who is threatening Europe today? You mentioned Iran. Why should Iran launch a missile upon Berlin or Rome? Iran’s policy, as far as how it is declared by the Iranian leadership, is development of relations with European countries. I cannot say that Iran is a threat,” Antonov said on Echo Moskvy radio in commenting on outcomes of a recent NATO-Russia Council meeting in Brussels.

What should be considered is not only this or that country’s ability to create missile weapons but also its intentions and plans, while Iran does not intend to attack Europe, Antonov said.

At the same time, the southern area could be viewed as potentially dangerous to Europe in the future, Antonov said. “This issue needs to be discussed and resolved. There are two ways to eliminate the threat, namely military-technical, through the creation of a missile shield, and diplomatic, which Russia proposes,” he said.

“What’s the problem if a country or a group of countries decide to reinforce their defenses? This should not be detrimental to Russia’s defense, so that we could spend money on increasing pensions rather than invest in the military-industrial sector. I believe it is a job of military diplomats and diplomats in general to show how pernicious the U.S.-proposed course is,” he said

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