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is a banned terrorist organization with a heinous aim to demonize and disintegrate
Pakistan. Pakistan Army is in continuous fight with TTP since its (TTP)
formation in 2007. TTP is allegedly supported by foreign agencies which are fortifying
and nurturing it with a wicked desire to diminish Pakistan. 
            Pakistan Army is unnerving this
inhumane faction at cost of their lives. A recent incident depicting the casting
of their valuable lives for this motherland can never be forgotten in which 15
gallant FC soldiers were abducted by TTP, were mercilessly and brutally killed. They
were abducted from Tank on Dec 23 2011 and awarded with SHAHADAT on 5 Jan 2012.
All Soldiers were blindfolded and handcuffed with each other which illustrate
the inhumane and callous attitude of those miscreants. Those paid infidels were
so relentless showing their frenzied state of mind, seemingly controlled by other
The TTP spokesman said the bodies of all the slain FC
personnel were thrown in Speen Thall area of Hangu district after being
executed in Thall. The Thall tehsil administration and FC officials later
recovered the bullet-riddled bodies of the FC men and took them to the military
hospital sited in the Thall Fort. By evening their bodies were brought to
Peshawar where their collective funeral prayers were offered at the FC offices
in Hayatabad town. 
Those who think that the ferocious doctrine of Taliban is
prosperous for this country are in mired deception. TTP is a bunch of psychologically
retarded infidels which bastion amid the clandestine support of foreign
agencies. Long Live Pakistan-Long Live Pakistan Army.
Link of the video is attached which is highly graphical. Please
do not watch it if you are offended by bloodshed.

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