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Hamid Mir a Traitor or What?

Could it be otherwise than whatever we witnessed in 26/112008, the way so-called Indian modest govt and protagonists of the so called Aman ki Asha proclaimed the origin of the attacks at Mumbai to
have been originated from Pakistan? Sanity suggests “certainly not”. We
have a history of events that eliminate the possibility of any
ambiguity in saying that Indians have always exploited every inhuman
atrocious happening inside its own territory to bring down the image of
Pakistan in the global arena. In the bid to acquire the aim, India
instigated an info war on Pakistan not only through its own media but
bought, invested, hi-jacked Pakistani private news channels based out of
Dubai, journalists with low ethics, columnists etc. to create an army
of media personnel within Pakistan to impose and infiltrate Indian
foreign policy in Pakistani Nation.
These conspirators brought us so down and confused for when Indians blamed us for exporting terrorists like Ajmal Kasab, we adamantly accept it to be true. Our self-esteem has so badly been torn and worn off, well thanks to Mr. Jeem Channel and a few prominent anchors including Mr Hamid Mir, or “Hamid Mir Jaffar
lately, as suggested by various social media websites, went one step
ahead in plotting a fake story (report) divulging that Ajmal Kasab
involved in 26/11 Mumbai attacks, was undoubtedly a citizen of Pakistan.
The same report was used as evidence against Pakistan. And now, just
recently, former Under Secretary of Indian Home Ministry Mr R V S Mani,
revealed that “the Indian government, and not Pakistan, was behind the
parliament (13/12, 2001) and Mumbai (26/11 2008) attacks in India.”
Which proves three things, (a) Ajmal Kasab was not a Pakistani citizen
(b) Mumbai attacks were orchestrated by Indian Government, just so it
could strengthen the counter-terrorism laws in India and defame
Pakistan, and (c) that Geo News, Hamid Mir and alike who broke the news of Ajmal Kasab being
a Pakistani citizen are either directly or indirectly being directed ad
influenced by Indian government, and from government it refers to the
spy agencies including RAW.
In the backdrop of above, we demand Geo News Group,Hamid Mir and
all the prominent anchors, journalists etc to be tried under Article 6
of the constitution of Pakistan for treason and degrading each and every

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