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Govt seeks public opinion on continuation of winter schooling

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Education Ministry has sought public opinion and suggestions from general public on the continuation of winter schooling in Kashmir valley.

“Suggestions are invited from general public, citizens, media persons and educationists to point out the loopholes if any in continuation of winter schooling,” said Peerzada Mohammad Sayeed, Education Minister.

The Minister said the government is open to all kinds of suggestions and the government is concerned about the difficulties faced by public.

“We want winter schooling to function smoothly, neither education of the children should suffers nor their health should get affected and they shouldn’t face any inconvenience while attending these winter schools.”he said.

He appealed parents to send their wards to schools to make them function effectively. He appeals parents to send their wards to these winter schools so that they function effectively.

The decision to start winter schooling was taken in sequel to colossal losses faced by the student community in Kashmir valley as a result of recent four months turmoil.

“All the schools whether government or private could not impart full education and government had to resort to slashing of the syllabus and conducting examination with maximum optional questions as summer syllabus could not be completed,” Sayeed said.

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