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Geo Exposed Indian Propaganda in Pakistan


Once again Geo TV proved that it is not on
the side of Pakistan and it wants slow yet painful demise of Pakistan.
Geo along with a Pro Indian lobby are desecrating and bashing Pakistan.
Of course, it is sole Indian agenda to malign Pakistan whenever finds
chance but the matter of great concern is GEO TV in Pakistan. We have to
elaborated that how Geo TV is carrying on its RAW Agenda that is mainly
anti Pakistan.
I also want to share some Points with you which requires your attention:
GEO TV is following Pro-Indian attitude.
  • Discuss Indian election, as if it is a Pakistani election?
  • Pay so much attention to Bollywood?
  • So soft on Anti-Pakistan Bollywood films?
  • Behave like the arm of a foreign power?
  • Try to create “Indianization” of Pakistan ?
  • Extremely promote “IPL” (Indian premier league),
  • While it ignores ” Pakistan 20/20 playing same time”.
  • Never covers the 89 separate movements in India ?
  • Double game: First exploiting situation, build up pressure on govt
    to start operation. Then become innocent and condemn the operation. They
    do this repeatedly.
  • Indianian dramas i.e Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Bachey Mann Kay Sachay, Dilruba Nautanki
  • It has become a willing or paid instrument of those who wanted to destabilize Pakistan
Well, this coming from India should be termed as gibberish but isn’t
it the matter of concern that it is coming from no other than Geo TV?
Isn’t it another proof that Geo TV is an Indian Channel, funded by RAW,
and is serving as mouthpiece of dirty Indian objectives regarding
Pakistan? Isn’t it a matter of great concern that Geo TV is providing
ample base to Indian led propaganda machine that Pakistan should be
attacked like Iraq or Afghanistan? Isn’t it Geo TV that suggested that a
hot-pursuit of terrorist inside Pakistan is option on cards? How long we will fool ourselves and see this Indian Propaganda Mouthpiece?
Where is justice league now? Why CJ is not taking sui-motto action on
this serious allegation that is direct threat to Pakistan Security? Why
is CJ quiet? Because CJ’s mouth is tapped by Geo TV when it offered its
unprecedented help during Lawyer’s Movement Saga? But it was on what
cost? It was on the cost of Pakistan! It was on the cost of integrity of
Pakistan! So why don’t we get bothered that Indian Dossier on Mumbai
attacks contained information directly provided by Geo TV?  We need to
wake up! Before it gets too late!

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