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First Pakistan ( Army ) movie by Warner Bros – WAAR

WAAR (the movie) gives a fresh and stylized look at the current situation that Pakistan is experiencing. The movie is inspired by true events. In this movie the crew have pushed the outside of the envelop of film production techniques in Pakistan. The film will definitely put Pakistan Film Industry on the world map. The movie is going to be a visual treat to the cinema goers and the plot of the movie shall take them on a roller coaster ride.
It will be the FIRST FILM to come out of subcontinent on 4k resolution (movies like 127 hrs and 300 were made on the same camera). Directed by Bilal Lashari, WAAR is going to be THE MOST EXPENSIVE film of Pakistan’s history. The movie will have a worldwide release by the end of this summer.
Starring: Shan Shahid, Shamoon Abbasi, Hamza Ali Abbasi
Directed by: Bilal Lashari
Written By: Hassan Waqas Rana
Screenplay by: Hassan Waqas Rana
Produced by: Hassan Waqas Rana

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