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Drag race accident in Islamabad. An 11 years old child writes his own accident story.

RAWALPINDI: The drag race festivity turned into a fatal tragedy in Rawalpindi as one of the competitors crushed five spectators when he lost control of the vehicle near the finish line on Sunday evening.
A RX-7 sports car driven by Majid Naeem (senior auditor PTCL) cartwheeled into the crowd after hitting a pole. The driver lost control, smashing his vehicle into the crowd of spectators, nearly ten feet away from the racing track.
Those who lost their lives in the accident include Baber Ali (Askari Bank), Asfandyar Ali (15-year son of Baber), Sohail Khan and his son Danyal Khan and Mohsin Javed (son of Col Javed). Majid Naeem (senior auditor PTCL) survived unhurt from the tragedy.
Some sources told The News that the son of one of the closest aides of former President Gen (R) Musharraf managed the car race after getting permission from the Rawalpindi administration.
SP (Sadar) Raja Javed when contacted, told this correspondent that he and sub divisional police officer (SDPO) rejected the application submitted by the race administration. “I am sure, the district administration rejected the application too and didn’t allow the car race,” the SP concluded.

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