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Deployment of NATO missile defense system in Turkey may threaten Russia’s security

Russian experts believe that Turkey’s decision to allow deployment of NATO missile defense system on its soil is reasoned by Ankara’s desire to position itself as a key empire of the continent, as well as be equally respected both in the West and in the East.

According to them, NATO missile defense system is aimed against Iran, but can also threaten Russia’s security.

Sergei Demidenko of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis believes that with agreeing to deployment of NATO missile defense system on its territory, Turkey’s leadership pursues its own interests, as “it wants to serve as a bridge between the West and the East.”

Turkey’s decision over missile defense system on its soil will be announced at the upcoming NATO summit in Lisbon due November 18-19.

Earlier on November 6 Turkish media said Ankara would agree to deploy a missile defense system on its territory if its three conditions were accepted. First, the Turkish authorities insist on building NATO, but not the U.S. missile defense system. Second, Ankara also wants the deployment of the shield to cover the territory of all NATO allies. And third, Turkey wouldn’t allow itself to become a frontline state for NATO, as it was during the Cold War.

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