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Defence Ministry moves PEMRA against Geo News, files evidence

The petition alleges Geo News is involved in anti-Pakistan activities.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The Ministry of Defence, Tuesday, filed a petition against Geo News – for naming ISI Chief after attack on prominent journalist Hamid Mir – in Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Dunya News reported.
According to Dunya News sources, Defence Ministry has moved against the private TV channel in PEMRA. The petition alleges that Geo News is involved in anti-Pakistan activities. Ministry also provided reported evidences against the said TV channel to PEMRA to evaluate.
A private TV channel had alleged Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for involvement in attack on senior journalist Hamid Mir. The channel even flashed portraits of ISI Chief in the aftermath. The petition said that Geo News leveled baseless allegations against Pakistan’s security institutions and its chief.
The military institutions had expressed outrage over the allegations through Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) whose Director General (DG) Major Asim Bajwa had hinted of possible legal action against Geo News for dragging national institutions into what became a major controversy.
Bajwa said that Hamid Mir was attacked by miscreants who don’t want peace to prevail in the country. He also said that pointing fingers at military organization caused defamation.
He said that ISPR is a dignified institution adding that legal action over allegation will be taken after evaluating the situation fully.

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