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Davis release: ‘Victim’s family hiding in Pakistan’

The family of Faheem Shamshad, who was killed by CIA contractor Raymond Davis in January, is reported to be residing in their hometown near Toba Tek Singh, dispelling earlier speculations that the family had moved to the United States or Saudi Arabia.

The family is considering buying a permanent house in their hometown and has already started searching for bargains.

Earlier, media reports had quoted Faheem’s elder brother as saying that the United States was not directly involved in the blood-money deal and the family was under no pressure to sign the agreement.

He was quoted by a local newspaper as saying that the family accepted the money after weighing the pros and cons of the case and it was done for the sake of Pakistan.

He also said that the family is hiding at an undisclosed location due to security concerns.

On Friday, Lahore High Court ordered the Punjab government to submit a report about the whereabouts of the families.

The families of victims Faizan and Faheem had gone into hiding after receiving Rs200 million as ‘blood money’ for the release of Davis, who was also paid Rs20,000 as fine for carrying an illegal weapon.

While the compensation amount was paid, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has denied that the American government had paid anything. US admission of having paid compensation would have confirmed that Davis was, after all, not entitled to immunity and was not a diplomat – which would have gone against Washington’s uncompromising stance on the issue that had been reiterated by even President Barack Obama himself.

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