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Controversy in Pakistan Army Drama, depicting terrorism in Swat

A Pakistani television play funded by Pakistan army has got mixed feedback from the public, some calling it military propaganda in Swat, the northern district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province where the military had an operation against Taliban in 2009.
Claimed to have been based on true stories, the play is called Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay (also found it on YouTube), translated on the BBC news page as “Beyond the Call of Duty”, and it reportedly depicts the heroic struggle of Pakistan’s army soldiers against the terrorists in Swat. But it is also being seen as an army-funded propaganda. The BBC team reported that people offered mixed response to the presence of the military and the TV lay in questions.
Many in Mingora city of Swat were said to have gushed out praise for the army, honoring their achievements. Some people, however, told the BBC team that local people would rather not criticize the army because it controlled the area now. A spokesman for the Swat Council of Elders Ziauddin Yousafzai told that the local people were now tired of finding the military interfering in their daily lives and the army should only have minimum presence in the area.
In an earlier post on Yahoo News, last month, the drama was called “Pakistan army propaganda drama” that is aimed at polishing its public image after some videos on the internet allegedly showed the extrajudicial killings of the army in Swat, arousing concerns over the human rights violation during the military operation.
The Yahoo news post and the videos of the play on YouTube show that one episode of the play shows gang rape of a girl by Taliban and another shows brainwashing of a young boy to turn him into a suicide bomber.

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