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Color Blindness test in Pakistan Armed Forces

Many people out there are color blind, but they don’t know about it. Color blindness does not mean that they only see black and white. Color blindness means that people cant see certain colors, or they cant distinguish between two different colors.

Color Blindness Test Is one of the most important tests taken in initial medical of all forces.Usually candidates are shown a booklet containing similar images as provided here and are told to speak the number which they see. Those candidates who are color blind are not allowed to join armed forces.

Test your self and see if you are fine or (God forbid) Color Blind.

Ok now check the solutions of these pictures.

Fig 1 = 2
Fig 2 = 5
Fig 3 = 6
Fig 4 = 6
Fig 5 = 8
Fig 6 = 15
Fig 7 = 25
Fig 8 = 29
Fig 9 = 45
Fig 10 = 56

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