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CIA and RAW- Stop the Proxy War- Only 98 missing Pakistanis on UN’s record

ISLAMABAD – Only ninety eight (98) persons are on our record as missing in Pakistan, a United Nations (UN) report on enforced disappearances claimed. A list of cases of enforced disappearances prepared by the UN working group has named ninety eight countries where a total of 53,239 people have been reported missing. The highest number of 16,545 missing persons has been reported in Iraq, followed by 12,230 in Srilanka.
The report said that there were 431 missing persons in India, 532 in Iran, 672 in Nepal, 10 in Saudi Arabia and 98 in Pakistan. Of the 98 missing persons in Pakistan, 18 have been recovered and investigations were in progress against the disappearance of 12 others.

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