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Alternate to G-3 Rifles for Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army is using POF delivered G-3 rifles. The weapon is actually from a rifle category, best suited for aimed shots. It has a longer range. but who needs long range now, and fire aimed shots. Also rifle is poor in kicking back on Shoulder.

Beast of Kandhar ( US Stealth Drone )

It returns from the skies! Back in 2009, the Air Force confirmed that it had a mysterious stealth drone, the Lockheed RQ-170, flying over Kandahar in Afghanistan — the subject of much online speculation and grainy photography. Now, after something of a lull, the Secret

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Pakistan Army Inventory

Tanks M47M M48A5 T-54 T-55 Type 59 Type 60 Type 69 Type 85 Al-Khalid* T-80UD * in production Reconnaissance APCs vehicles Ferret (IS) Tank destroyers M113A1 UR-416 (IS) Type 531 Glover Transac Shorland (IS) Akrep BTR-70 (UN Self-propelled guns and mortars 105 mm M7 SPH

PLA Air to Air Missiles/ PAF AA–Details

This topic will give a brief view of Pak China AA defence. Some recently inducted Chinese missile and,where Pakistan armed forces standing in comparison to our rival neighbor AA inventory,which has front line Russian AA inventory.A short history of Chinese missiles and import of technology

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Air Defence System of Pakistan ( Suggestions )

Columnist Syed Imran Shah suggests high-tech modernisation. INTRODUCTION The dominant role of air power in modern warfare has been clearly established. A nation unable to defend itself against air assaults of its adversary would be placed at a serious disadvantage in any future conflict. Air

Pakistan Missile Technology , List of missiles by Pakistan Army

                                                                 Pakistan Missile Technology                                                        ABDALI MISSILE SERIES  1. Abdali I Range: 100 Km Operational Capability: 100% operational 2. Abdali II Range: 180 Km Operational Capability: 100% operational                                                    GHAZNAVI MISSILE SERIES Ghaznavi Range: 290 Km Operational Capability: 100% operational                                                               M-11 Missile Range: 700