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PAF Role in Kargil War by PAF Officer

Pakistani writings on Kargil conflict have been few and, those that have come out were largely irrelevant and in a few cases, clearly sponsored. The role of the PAF has been discussed off and on, but mostly disparagingly, particularly in some uninformed quarters. Here is

Lieutenant Colonel Raja Sultan Mahmood Shaheed

Lieutenant Colonel Raja Sultan Mahmood remains a brave but forgotten warrior of 1971. My personal association with him goes back to 1969 while my fathers personal association with him goes back to 1949 when he was my fathers class fellow at the Gordon College Rawalpindi.

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Miracles in 1965 Indo-Pak War

Famous writer Mumtaz Mufti(1905-1995) mentioned spiritual aspects of 1965 war in his four books. Here extracts from all Four Books are presented to highlight the importance of these spiritual events. English Translation From his Books ( Summary of main events ) : (From Book:Alakh Nagri)

Pakistan America Relation from 1947-2011 an overview

The United States established diplomatic relations with Pakistan started on October 20, 1947. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, the US choose not to provide Pakistan with military support as pledged in the 1959 Agreement of Cooperation. This generated a widespread feeling in Pakistan that

Wars History : 1st Dynasty of Egypt

 The presence of a sign group looking like a Nebti- name on the Naqada Label has led many Egyptologists to believe that Menes is to be equated with the Horus Aha  A stone vessel found at Saqqara lists the Nebti-names of the 4

Conclusion-Pakistan Army Performance in 1965 War

CONLUSION PAKISTAN ARMY TILL 1965 BY Major Agha H Amin (Retired) 1999 CONCLUSION. The Pakistan Army in 1965 had the potential keeping in view its equipment, particularly tanks and artillery,vis a vis the state of Indian Armour and Artillery to inflict a decisive defeat on