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Is Pakistan Army brave or Indian Army?

My Answer: Dear, you can not say which army is brave and which army is not. I am a Pakistani so I am sure Pakistan Army is more brave than India. But Indians must be thinking that Indian Army is more brave Than Pakistan Army.

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Who has the best army in the world?

The Best Army in the World This is a very subjective question, leaving people bound to claim their own country a having the best army in the world. In reality it comes down to what you define as best. If you define best as “which

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What is the rank of indian army in the world?

Indian army is no doubt really a very powerful army. It is ranked no 4 internationally. It has much equipment and manpower so it is ranked higher. Anyway, due to its historical background it is no ranked as higher because they have been beaten by Pakistan

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What is the Rank structure of army in pakistan?

Following is the Rank Structure of Pakistan Army(Just Officer Ranks). 1.2nd Lieutenant 2.Lieutenant 3.Captain 4.Major 5.Lieutenant Colonel 6.Colonel 7.Brigadier (1-Star) 8.Major General (2-Star) 9.Lieutenant General (3-Star) 10.General (4-Star) 11.Field Marshal (5-Star) Grade Increase from top to bottom

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What is Pakistan army rank in the world?

Pakistan Army is no doubt really a very powerfull army and can fight with any thread in the world. But we must to check its value on the basis of its equipment,manpower etc. Global Fire Power has ranked Pakistan Army as no 15 in the