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JI chief’s remarks an insult to Pakistanis killed:ISPR

A spokesman of ISPR strongly condemned the irresponsible and misleading remarksby Syed Munawar Hassan in a TV programme, declaring the dead terrorists as shaheeds while insulting the shahadat of thousands of innocent Pakistanis and soldiers of Pakistan’s armed forces. Syed Munawar Hassan has tried to invent a logic based on his

Army takes exception to calling terrorists martyrs

ISPR slams JI chief for unruly remarks ISLAMABAD – Attempting to bring an end to the apparently trivial debate over calling the hardcore terrorists as ‘martyrs’, Pakistan Army has slammed a religious hardliner for “insulting the shahadat (martyrdoms) of thousands of innocent Pakistanis”. Pakistan Armed Forces’

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Maj-Gen Naushad Kayani expires

RAWALPINDI – Major General Naushad Ahmed Kayani died of protracted illness here at a military hospital on Sunday. He was suffering from acute leukaemia (blood cancer) and had recently gone abroad for medical check-up and returned to Pakistan. Maj-Gen Naushad was former director general Military