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GEO – Going for a Settlement?

Although the Hamid Mir dramatic event is dying down its own death because of inability of people in charge of this act to prove their accusations, but they should not be given an easy escape because this incident has shook all the nook and corners

Kalat Operation: Countering Anti-State Baloch Elements

Every patriotic Baloch knows that the Kalat search operation in the Balochistan province of Pakistan is against the foreign funded and foreign sponsored anti-state outfits like Baloch Liberation Army, United Baloch Army and Baloch Republican Army. These groups are involved in killing of innocent and

NY Time’s shocking revelations against Geo News

The furor over Hamir Mir’s shooting could result in the closing of Geo TV. (Web Desk) – Recently, a New York Times report has revealed shocking revelations against Geo News, accusing the media group of terrorist and anti-state activities. The report by renowned journalist Declan