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Social networking website Facebook introduces Urdu language in its full-fledged Urdu version. Pakistanis and other Urdu-speaking population worldwide now have the opportunity to switch Facebook’s language to their own. Facebook has earlier offered localized versions for several other languages and countries.

India Violates Ceasefire at Line of Control

Indian attitude of revulsion towards Pakistan knows no bounds as its political leaders, military commanders, academia, and media, spare no chance of Pakistan bashing. India is making noise with the assistance of its media to accelerate its venomous propaganda so as to show to the

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Indian aggression on Pakistan in 1965 was dealt with iron hand by Pakistani Army. Pak Army with support of the Air force and Navy battled bravely not only to compel the Indian Army to retreat from the occupied areas but it also entered deep into

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Indian drama on Line of Control

India has produced another award winning drama in the past month. Drama was titled as “LoC killings: Pakistani soldiers joined with militants to attack India”. According to the script cast were as follow: hero role was played by Indian Military, villain character was carried out