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جیو کی گستاخیاں جاری، ڈرامے کے دوران قرآن میں انبیاؑ کا واقعہ کسی اور سے منسوب کردیا

لاہور: اہل بیتؓ کی شان میں گستاخی کے بعدجیوٹی وی پرپیش کیے گئے ڈرامے میں قرآن پاک میں بیان واقعہ غلط پیش کردیاگیا۔نجی ٹی وی کے اینکرپرسن مبشرلقمان نے اپنے پروگرام میں انکشاف کیاکہ انبیا ؑ کے واقعے کوحافظ شیرازی اورشیخ سعدی سے منسوب کیاگیا۔ انھوں

GEO – Going for a Settlement?

Although the Hamid Mir dramatic event is dying down its own death because of inability of people in charge of this act to prove their accusations, but they should not be given an easy escape because this incident has shook all the nook and corners

NY Time’s shocking revelations against Geo News

The furor over Hamir Mir’s shooting could result in the closing of Geo TV. (Web Desk) – Recently, a New York Times report has revealed shocking revelations against Geo News, accusing the media group of terrorist and anti-state activities. The report by renowned journalist Declan

Army Chief lauds ISI during visit to headquarters

RAWALPINDI- Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif today appreciated the role of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) towards national security and lauded the contributions. General Raheel Sharif made the remarks during his visit to the Directorate General (ISI), an ISPR statement said. The army chief

We Love Pak Army

Senior anchor person Hamid Mir was attacked on saturday evening in Karachi while his car was leaving the airport.He was shot six times and rushed towards the hospital for treatment.He went through a successful operation and doctors are of the view that he will regain