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Indian drama on Line of Control

India has produced another award winning drama in the past month. Drama was titled as “LoC killings: Pakistani soldiers joined with militants to attack India”. According to the script cast were as follow: hero role was played by Indian Military, villain character was carried out

Geo Exposed Indian Propaganda in Pakistan

  Once again Geo TV proved that it is not on the side of Pakistan and it wants slow yet painful demise of Pakistan. Geo along with a Pro Indian lobby are desecrating and bashing Pakistan. Of course, it is sole Indian agenda to malign

Hamid Mir a Traitor or What?

Could it be otherwise than whatever we witnessed in 26/112008, the way so-called Indian modest govt and protagonists of the so called Aman ki Asha proclaimed the origin of the attacks at Mumbai to have been originated from Pakistan? Sanity suggests “certainly not”. We have a history of events that