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Propaganda of Indian RAW exposed in Balochistan

Dear Pakistanis, Let us update you on Baluchistan. Read this carefully and slowly. Do NOT panic. InshAllah, Baluchistan is not going anywhere. The enemies and the traitors within cannot break away Baluchistan. There is a deliberate information war by the likes of SAFMA to create

Indian Army(Aman Ki Aasha) Atrocities in Kashmir- HATE INDIA

Since 1990, planned and organized secessionist-terrorism has brutalized Kashmir, the valley of peace and exquisite beauty. Systematic efforts have been made to destroy its syncretic culture, traditions, and heritage, by an orgy of mindless violence fueled by religious fanaticism and extremism, aided and abetted from

Kashmir Solidarity Day- FACTS AND FIGURES

Kashmir Solidarity Day has been observed on 5 February each year since 1990 in Pakistan as a day of protest against Indian control of part of Kashmir.[1] It is a national holiday in Pakistan.[2] Kashmir Day was first appealed by Qazi Hussain Ahmed of the

Pak Army JAWANS Departed For Sudan Mission

A Pakistan Army contingent left for United Nations Mission at Darfur Sudan. The contingent which comprised of 245 soldiers, was seen off by Brigadier Amal Zada Khan. He wished them success while performing their duties and maintaining peace and stability at Darfur. It may be