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Captain Romail Akram – A Kargal War hero of Pakistan

Captain Romail Akram in a PTV show

Captain Romail Akram fought in Kargil War ( 1999 ) against India. You can see a bullet hit symbol on his face.

He was fighting at kargil with 21 companions. Out of which many were injured or martyred. He was to face 600 Indian soldiers. All of his machine guns were out of order due to artillery fire of India. He was having only a single main weapon which was an RPG. He fought at Kargil and defended his post. During his fight he got two bullets on his face. Out of which 1 just touched his head while other hitted his face and crossed through his ear. At that time he went back and lay down. After that he got medical treatment on Kargil. But still after constant bleeding he kept fighting against enemy as a result he saved his checkpost.

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