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Capabilities and Avionics for Jf 17 Thunder

Pakistan Air Force Jf 17 thunder is one of the best aircrafts of modern time giving an edge to PAF. It is a lightweight single engine modern aircraft developed jointly by Pakistan and China. It is known as JF-17 ( Joint Fighter 17 ) as well as FC-1 ( Fighter China 1 ).

                                                     Qualities and Avonics

Light Weight:
                       The airframe is of semi-monocoque structure, constructed primarily of aluminium alloys, although plans are in place to reduce weight by increasing the use of composite materials.

              The software written for the JF-17’s avionics totals more than one million lines of instructions, and open architecture technology is used in it.Open architecture is a type of computer architecture or software architecture that allows adding, upgrading and swapping components. This language is optimised for military applications. The redesigned PT-04 prototype JF-17 had more advanced avionics than its predecessors, which are included on the production version of the aircraft.

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