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California Missile Mystery : Was it a real missile launch or just jet contrail?

California Missile Mystery: Real Missile Launch Or Jet Contrail ? In a strange sequence of events a video has recently been released of the Californian skies which show something being fired, directed towards the skies, which displays uncanny resemblance to a missile.
Presently, the video is under the seizure of the US Department of Defense for investigative purposes. The department has stated that they are in the process of determining whether or not yesterday saw any missile launch from south Californian coasts or not and if so then the responsible party shall also be tried and tracked down.

The news portal of CBS had posted the video and it has drawn the attention from the Air Force, Navy and Defense alike. Even the NORAD Command is interested in finding out the sources and the solutions of the same. The general notion that the video induces is that a rocket or some such thing catapults for the skies and leaves a contrail hovering above the pacific waters.

The TV station said that a KCBS helicopter had shot the footage later to be uploaded. The Pentagon, being represented by Col Lapan, stated that DoD officials didn’t have a clue as to what could have left the contrail over the ocean. Absolutely nothing has been come upon that could explain the phenomenon. Sir space monitoring authorities in civilian domains haven’t been able to deliver anything helpful as yet either.

Lapan suggested that the Department of Defense does not seem to have any link with this incidence. However, no allegations on foreign countries have been made either given that there was no information suggesting the same with the US Defense. Given all those points, it is more likely to be assumed an experiment that had been conducted by a private company in southern California.

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